Technology Development
​Platform technoligies

SUSMED, Inc. is a R&D oriented startup developing digital therapeutics. Its original platform technoligies are shown as follows.

-Blockchain; It is a platform technology that helps us prevent from manipulation of patients data in clinical trials and conduct both less expensive and efficient trials.

-Management System for Clinical Trial; With this system, trial data generated from clinical trials are collected electronically. Discussion with Japanese FDA, PMDA, brings necessary and high quality to the system, and SUSMED actually utilized it for its own clinical trial of mobile application for treatment for insomnia.

-Universal Medical Application; In addition to insomnia, this application platform can be applicable to other intervening mobile application for treatment for various diseases

-Artificial Intelligence; It can analyse data automatically without data scientists in the field of digital  medicine where a lot of data piles up on a daily basis.

*Please contact us through an inquiry form when you are interested in collaborative researches or developments with SUSMED for digital medicine related products such as new treatment applications. And it would be welcomed if you considered the use of our platform technologies established based on actual use cases in medical practices and clinical development in order to accelerate your company’s products.

Patent Technology

SUSMED has obtained patents related to Management System for Clinical Trial, Blockchain, Universal Medical Application, and Mobile Treatment Application for Insomnia. Besides, we have a plan to apply for patents coming from development of new technologies.


Patent List *already obtained

  • PCT/JP2016/081028

  • PCT/JP2016/061685

  • PCT/JP2017/029299

  • PCT/JP2017/029299

  • PCT/JP2017/021806

  • PCT/JP2018/001017

  • PCT/JP2018/001067

Academic Conference Presentation

SUSMED has made about 10 presentations at academic conferences about our technologies including the below one.


-Clinical trial of digital medicine using blockchain: A double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled study

Motohashi T, Hirano T, Okumura K, Kashiyama M, Ichikawa D, Ueno T

Keystone Symposia: Digital Health: From Science to Application (2019)